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Bonsum offers a highly diverse range of shopping opportunities, with everything from food and lifestyle items to financial services. Each and every provider has sustainability as a central focus and fulfils sustainable criteria with regard to their manufacturing and distribution practices. At Bonsum, you'll find a responsible shopping solution for virtually any product or service.

Collect Bonets

As soon as you've completed the free registration, you can begin collecting points. Every sustainable provider or product earns you Bonets (sustainable reward points), which are credited to your account. Check the Shop Overview to find out how many Bonets you'll earn per pound spent. Campaigns offer the chance to collect higher numbers of points than usual.

Redeem Bonets

At Bonsum, you don't have to collect for long before you'll have enough points to start redeeming. After just one purchase, you'll be able to donate collected points to an organisation of your choice, convert points to shopping vouchers or spend your points to plant new trees. Go ahead and treat someone else (or yourself) to a little gift!

The Details

Fairness First

Company claims to provide sustainable working conditions, fair wages, worker benefits, but does not belong to any fair labour/fair trade organisation and/or are not certified.
Some products are certified by a legitimate fair trade organisation (e.g. Fairtrade, International Labour Organisation, Ethical Company Organisation, etc.) and/or the company claims to contribute to the local society’s development.
Company is fully certified by a fair labour organisations (e.g. Fair Trade) and/or is a social enterprise (e.g. TOMS).

Animal Friendly

Company uses animal by-products (e.g. of meat industry), as opposed to breeding animals for leather, or the company offers only a few vegan/vegetarian options.
Company has animal welfare policies/claims not to test or kill animals for the production/some vegan or vegetarian options are available and certified.
Full store is certified as vegan/vegetarian (e.g. Cruelty Free International, the Vegan Society, Vegan Action, etc.).

Smart Sourcing

Company claims to implement recycling policies (e.g. use recycled paper in the office, separate waste, use renewable energy, etc.).
Company uses the principles of smart sourcing throughout its supply chain (e.g. water saving, energy saving, reducing waste, etc.) and/or the principles of sharing economy.
Company has a sustainable supply chain and offers products and packaging that are recyclable or made out of recycled materials.

Detox Your Life

Products and materials are claimed to be sustainable, but are not certified.
Some products are certified as sustainable.
All of the products of this shop are certified as sustainable by Soil Association, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, etc.

CO2 Neutral

Company reduces its carbon footprint in daily activities (e.g. employees take public transport/ride bikes, use green energy, etc.).
The company offers CO2 neutral shipping.
The company’s supply chain is sustainable, and the company compensates its CO2 emission by investing in climate protection projects (e.g. My Climate, Carbon Fund, Carbon Footprint, The Nature Conservancy, Forest Conservation Management Projects, etc.).