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Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a slight issue with the crediting of reward points. If your Bonets do not appear in your account within seven days, please drop us an email at: 

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About Bonsum

What is Bonsum?
Bonsum is a new breed of reward scheme that’s designed to guide you safely through the ever-expanding market of sustainable providers.
We present sustainable tips, news, up-and-coming providers and selected products, rewarding you for making responsible shopping choices.

We’re also far more than a simple reward scheme: on our website, you’ll only find shops and providers that are dedicated to the fair and ethical treatment of people and the environment. What’s more, we pursue a pioneering approach with regards to our treatment of your data. Our philosophy is simple: your data belongs to you!
What criteria does Bonsum use when deciding whether to feature a shop on their site? 
When choosing our partners, we don’t only look at official, industry-specific seals and labels (GOTS, Bio, FSC, etc.). Rather, we have our own set of criteria: we check and evaluate each new partner to the very best of our knowledge. Each shop focuses on different things - and while not all shops are perfect, every shop is doing its best. It’s up to you to decide which shop is the right alternative for you.
Our criteria:
Fairness first – does this company champion fair and ethical manufacturing processes?
We say NO to child labour and exploitation! Inhumane working conditions and unfair treatment of farmers, factory workers or farm workers along the production line is in no-one's best interest. Shops that carry our fairness symbol have shown particular dedication to fair manufacturing practices and working conditions.
Animal-friendly – does this company offer vegan alternatives? does it steer clear of animal testing?
Okay, so we don't necessarily have to eat vegan - but do cosmetics really have to be tested on animals? Let's be honest, a scarlet-lipped monkey is more strange than sexy, right? That's why here at Bonsum, you'll find a wide variety of certified vegan products to help you make animal-friendly decisions.
Smart sourcing – does this company offer products that are recyclable, recycled or produced in a way that preserves resources? 
We already know that at some point, we're going to run out of oil. But other resources could become scarcer in the future too - and one planet is all we've got. Our smart sourcing label helps you identify shops offering particularly resource-friendly products.
Detox your life - does this company go out of its way to ensure the ingredients in its products are good for me?
Whether we find them in our food, our makeup, or our cleaning products - some substances just don't belong in our bodies or in the things we use. But can we get hold of natural alternatives? Of course! Whenever you see a shop with this symbol, you know it offers a variety of organic and natural products.
CO2 neutral - is this company doing its bit to help climate change? does the company offer products to help me do my bit?
Online purchasing is often more sustainable than taking the car to the shop - especially when a company's shipping, manufacturing and business practices are as close to CO2 neutral as possible. Whenever you see this symbol, you can feel safe in the knowledge that something's being done for the climate.
Know a shop that you think should be our partner? Think we should remove a partner from our site? Drop us an email!
Can online shopping be sustainable?
Online shopping is enjoying increasing popularity in the UK. Delivery services are already transporting millions of shipments through the UK every day - and this number is growing all the time. In addition to the packaging, the planes and boats used by the carriers place a burden on our climate and are a major source of CO2.

You can take action as a customer by doing your best to choose CO2-neutral alternatives to the big logistics giants. The basic principle of a CO2-neutral provider is simple: to compensate for the CO2 emissions associated with transport and packaging, profits are spent supporting climate protection projects that are certified according to internationally recognised standards.

We send our post via DHL GoGreen and aim to ensure that the majority of our partner shops also pursue a CO2-neutral shipping policy.

Alongside the CO2 impact that comes with shipping, the poor working conditions offered by logistics providers and their subcontractors are increasingly a subject of public concern. While, sadly, we can exercise no direct influence in this regard, we hope that a statutory minimum wage will lead to fairer working conditions in the future. What’s more, our partners pursue a highly responsible approach to the manufacturing of their products, from raw material production to working conditions and local sourcing. We believe that this fair and sustainable way of producing products helps to balance out the not-yet-ideal nature of shipping practices, providing a better overall alternative to many of the established providers you can currently visit in person, but which do not assume much responsibility for practices along the production chain.

Collect and Redeem Bonets

What are Bonets?
Bonets are our reward points.

"Bon" is the French word for "good", while "net" represents the online nature of the system.

How do I redeem Bonets?

Bonets you collect can be converted to vouchers, donated to charitable projects or used to plant trees. For more information, click the For a Better World tab on the top of the page.
How do I redeem Bonets?
Bonets you collect can be donated to charitable projects, used to plant trees, or spent on selected sustainable products. Click "Spend Your Rewards" at the top of the page to see our current offers.
Why are Bonets not credited to my account immediately? 
After a transaction, it can take up to 48 hours for the partner in question to inform us of your purchase and for the Bonets to appear in your account. 

There’s one other major reason behind this waiting period: to allow us to verify that your purchase is genuine. We want to avoid having users register, order sustainable products, receive and redeem Bonets and then send the goods back. For this reason, most Bonets are only credited to your account once the deadline for cancelling the purchase has passed.

For a few types of goods – mainly for foodstuffs – the cancelling of purchases is not allowed and your Bonets will be credited to your account immediately. You can view your current Bonets balance at Your Account.
Why can’t I collect Bonets from all shops? 
The answer here is that you can’t ... yet. A few shops simply do not currently allow this; however, we don’t want to prevent you enjoying what they offer.
We are constantly working on enhancing the site and would ultimately like to develop our range of products such that you can buy any kind of organic product and get rewarded for it. If there’s a particular shop that you want to see on our site, please drop us an email – we’ll prioritise making them a partner. 
Why can’t I redeem my points directly at shop checkouts?
The answer here (again) is that you can’t ... yet. We are working as quickly as possible to integrate our website completely with our partners’ shop portals, enabling you to redeem points directly at the point of purchase.
What can I do to make sure I receive my Bonets?
If you want to collect points with us, you must have arrived at the shop partner’s site directly via Bonsum.

Purchases are assigned to you using cookies. Please be aware that cookies lack any active ability and therefore pose no risk; they are simply used to track your purchase and cannot execute harmful applications. If you open different websites in your browser, different cookies will be set from different providers to manage the linking of purchases with your account.

99% of the time, cookies will be assigned correctly to your account simply as a result of you having clicked through to a shop via Bonsum. For this reason, you should log into Bonsum before making a purchase and go from there to your desired shop. Wherever possible, please ensure that the buying process is completed directly via Bonsum (that is, without detours or interruptions in between). If you go to a partner site directly or place an order via a price comparison site, Bonsum cannot assign your purchase to your account and you will not earn any Bonets.

Technichal Information / Issues

Where can I seek help with issues concerning Bonets or products? 
If you have a complaint concerning a service or product from one of our partner shops, you should contact the shop directly. This is the quickest way for your complaint to be processed, since we do not distribute the products and cannot provide further assistance.

If there is an update problem and the Bonets do not appear in your account within 48 hours, please write to us at

Issues with the crediting of Bonets can sometimes occur, particularly since we are in the initial phase of the reward scheme.
We will reply and credit the Bonets to you as quickly as possible. Simply drop us a line at with the order date / order number / value of the purchase and name of the partner if you think that something has gone wrong.

If you have made a purchase from one of the following list, please be aware that we are currently having problems tracking purchases from these shops. If your Bonets do not appear in your account, please drop us an email, preferably with the order confirmation attached.

No problems at the moment!
What are the technical requirements? What about ad blockers? 
In order to be able to view the website correctly and use its full functionality, you should adjust the following settings on your computer:
•    Activate cookies
•    Activate JavaScript
•    Install Flashplayer
•    Add Bonsum to the list of exceptions in your ad blocker

Bonsum is a search engine offering an easy and intuitive way to find sustainable online shops. Bonsum not only enables you to make informed, fair and environmentally sound purchases, it also rewards you with bonus points for everything you buy. In our FAQs, you’ll find answers to common questions about Bonsum, collecting and redeeming Bonets and solving technical issues. If you can’t find the answer to your question, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you personally as soon as we can.