About Bonsum


Bonsum is the first search engine to reward customers for responsible online shopping choices. Our desire is neither to "greenwash" nor to call for any kind of abstinence - we simply bring you high quality, sustainable products and shops, providing a much-needed compass in the ever-expanding eco jungle. Our reward system is aimed at encouraging sustainable shopping behaviour in the long term - and is currently the only such system in the eco sector. Shop sustainably and enjoy the rewards - that's what Bonsum is all about!


Sustainability at Bonsum


We champion sustainability at every level. Our mornings start with organic and Fair Trade coffee; we use sustainable furniture & equipment in the office and eco-electricity throughout the day. (And, of course, switch the power off, when we leave). When it comes to communication, we choose Skype meetings or phone calls over flights and air pollution, and make sure our letters are sent via DHL GoGreen.  All of our IT is hosted carbon neutral powered by water.

What’s more, we have an account at the GLS Bank, a German ethical bank that provides loans to companies and farms working in the organic sector, for the balance of your Bonets. Should you choose to store your Bonets in your account, you’ll still be doing something good for the planet.  

How do we prove our sustainable strategy? 
You see the B Corp logo down there? Good. This certificate to us is what the Soil Association is to food and Fair Trade is to coffee. It proves that our business meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Being a B Corp means we’re committed to promoting a sustainable economy and shaping a sustainable future. (If you’re interested in finding out more about B Corp, read our article about it or visit their site). 

We’re always happy to partner with fellow B Corps. If your company is a B Corp, we warmly welcome you to join our partner programme. Although we trust the B Corp folks, we still do check you on other proof of sustainability (e.g. organic certifications) and rate your company with our green evaluation indicators, leaves. As we strive to make sustainable shopping more convenient, this partner evaluation system saves our Bonsumers time – instead of browsing through shop’s website looking for its standards, our users can rest assured the company’s claims are legit. 



Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision - We want to lay the foundations for a shift to more responsible shopping - and we need your help to do so. In ten years' time, no-one wants an earth that's depleted of resources, or an environment that's destroyed. We want to give our children a chance to live in harmony with nature - and in order to make that possible, we have to start rethinking our attitude today. We believe that consumer habits are shifting. Sustainability is increasingly a topic of intense and controversial discussion. Consumers are paying more and more attention to what they're buying, where products come from, and how the things they enjoy are produced. We're not asking people to go without; rather, we're focused on helping each and every individual adopt a more responsible attitude towards the environment they live in. With this in mind, we've dedicated ourselves to promoting responsible and sustainable shopping habits. By simplifying access to sustainably produced consumer goods, our platform is aimed at winning people over to the idea of sustainable consumer behaviour.

Our Mission - Bonsum is a search engine that rewards you for responsible online shopping choices. We don't want to greenwash anything (we hate greenwashing), and we also aren't calling for any kind of abstinence - we're simply here to bring you high quality, sustainable products and shops, providing a much-needed compass in the ever-expanding eco jungle. Our reward system is aimed at encouraging sustainable shopping behaviour in the long term - shop sustainably and enjoy the rewards. That's what Bonsum is all about!

‚ÄčThe Bonsum Team

Bonsum is a young start-up from Berlin, formed in the hope of making the world a better place. Behind our business idea was a desire to change our own consumer behaviour. Too often, we were becoming annoyed with ourselves for falling back into bad habits -  whether out of laziness or lack of time.


Michael | Co-Founder & CEO

Crazy about data protection and sustainability.

When not working on Bonsum, he's mainly interested in good food and travelling.


Frederik | Co-Founder & CMO

Decided it’s about time to make good shopping actually fun.

In his spare time you'll find him doing sports, jumping around in nature or climbing hills.


Dinos | CTO

His main goal is to explore the world of web development.

In his free time he enjoys traveling and watching series.


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